R a i n b o w Heart Bookmark
Betsy Evans
Charter Oak Designs

by Betsy Evans

I tatted these hearts in the following order from left to right.
Anchor #s Colors * DMC #s *
46 Red 321
329 Orange 3340
306 Yellow 3820
216 Green 367
131 Blue 798
150 Indigo 336
110 Violet 333
I know these aren't the brightest colors. I tend to mute things down some. I have suggestions for alternative color combinations: mute them down even further...or choose jewel tones...or a color theme, such as Southwest ..or pick your favorite color family and stitch the whole family from lightest to darkest. If there are only five colors, not seven, that would be ok. Make the tassel a little longer. Now you have a whole lot of choices.

Using Anchor #12 pearl cotton finished bookmark is as follows.
One heart measures 1 " high, 1 3/8" wide.
Whole bookmark (minus tassel) measures
7 1/2" long.
My tassel measures 3 " long.

* I am pretty sure all these colors for DMC are not available in Pearl Cotton #12. Therefore, I recommend if an exact match is desired, tat with three strands of floss. *

Begin with large clover or trefoil at top center. Wind two shuttles in continuous wrapping (continuous thread method), each with approximately 3 yards of #12 pearl cotton.

Clover: R: 6-4-4-6. CL
R: 6+4-4-4-6. CL.
R: 6+4-4-6. CL. RW.
CH: 10. RW,
R: 4+4-4. CL. RW.
CH: 10
R: 4+4-4. CL. RW.
CH: 7-3.
R: 4+4-4. CL.
CH: 10
R: 4-2-4. CL. RW
R: 6+6 (join to p where 3rd ring of clover joined). CL.
CH: 4+3-1. RW
Clover: R: 4+4-4-4. CL.
R: 4+6-6-4. CL.
R: 4+4-4-4. CL RW.
CH: 1+3+4. RW.
R: 4+2-4. CL. RW.
R: 6+6. CL. RW.
CH: 10.
R: 4+4-4. CL RW.
CH: 3-7. RW.
R: 4+4-4. CL. RW.
CH: 10 RW
R: 4+4-4. RW.
CH: 10.
Join to top clover. Bury ends. Tat each subsequent heart, attaching it at the picots shown by arrows in diagram 1, reversing the heart as shown in diagram 2. I then took two lengths of each color, looped them all together as a tassel at the bottom.
And here's a hint:
Want your tassel ends to be even?

When you're ready to cut them evenly, first wrap them with a piece of scotch tape, sticky side out. Do the wrapping at the top, near where you've tied it over one of the chains of the heart. Then slide your tape down to where you want the tassel ends cut. Cut across the bottom of the tape. Because the stick side is OUT, you're not permanently attached and you can just continue sliding the tape off the tassel. And you've used the edge of the tape to cut a straight line.

diagram 1
Diagram 1

diagram 2
Diagram 2

This pattern was lost online when Tammy Rodgers closed her site. The pattern was retireved through the Waybak Machine.

Any questions? You are welcome to email me.
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