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A Study of Tatted Joins

Oct.3/4, 2004 - the Online Tatting Class begins a study of the many types of joins used in tatting. Inspired by a need to clarify the type of join used in last week's lesson, a quick list was made of joins. Up, down, lock, shuttle, onion ring, split ring, swirl, etc. The list has been surprisingly comprehensive. So we will spread this study over the next few weeks until we have covered them all.

The Basic Join: Up or Down, that is the first question.

The following information is excerpted from the IOLI Journal Fall '93 and from a personal telephone conversation with Bobbie Demmer 3-2-98.

The traditional join, the UP join, in tatting is made by laying the picot across the working thread, pulling the working thread up thru the picot and slipping the shuttle thru the loop thus formed and then the slack is pulled back down thru the picot and tightened up.

The join is counted as merely a space by many tatters. Other tatters follow the join with a half stitch. This method leaves a definite piece of thread showing thru the legs of the picot used to join.

The "DOWN" Join

The DOWN join places the picot beneath the working thread which is then pulled down thru the picot and the shuttle slips thru the loop thus formed from front to back and then the slack is pulled up and tightened. This type of join may be followed by the first DS of the next set, or it may be counted as the first DS of the set or it may be followed by only a HS. Tatter's choice. This method leaves a barely visible horizontal piece of thread between the DS.

The IOLI Journal from Fall 1993 referred to this technique as the Dem-Rice Join. It was popularized by Bobbie Demmer and Marie Rice. Later, however, Bobbie learned thru further research that it had been used in recent years by Pat Perry and decades earlier by Anne Orr as well. Bobbie Demmer feels it should be referred to as the "DOWN."

The basic importance of the DOWN join is that it enhances the right side look of the tatting for those who create a definite right side back side to their tatting.

Please review the lesson on the shuttle join previously posted.

The Shuttle Join

Happy Tatting! Georgia Seitz