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Sept. 18/19 The topic suggested for this week was an odd one. The class requested a snowflake pattern that could be used as the center piece of a larger doily and that would teach us how to avoid or hide ends. Whew! That is a huge assignment. Where to begin??

The Online Tatting class has enjoyed creating snowflakes for several years. Here are just a few of the many patterns posted in the indices.

Ice Crystal Snowflake by Saundra Hameed

Bettina's Snowflake in Spring (Model tatted by Donata Jones)

The Hen & Chicks Snowflake

Eliz Davis' Maltese Pinwheel Snowflake

However, one of the most fascinating studies the class completed showed the development of a snowflake pattern from an edging. This snow flake was adapted by Janet Fenton

Please print off this lesson and review it for this week:
April Snowflakes

Also, please go to the Sweetheart Doily pattern (from Book 4 of the Ribbonwiners Series "Tatting on the Edge...and Beyond" which has been kindly posted for sharing on the picot net website. Please study the individual heart construction. And then, print off this rough diagram of a butterfly adapted from the heart construction. Questions?