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A discussion of the process of designing. No log posted yet.

3 Snowflake patterns, beaded featuring self-closing mock rings, wrap join and swirl join. Nina Libin. (9/26LOG aol CLASSROOM)

A Study of the Join in Tatting. The three most basic joins are the traditional "UP" join, the "DOWN" join and the Shuttle/Lock join. (10/03LOG aol CLASSROOM)

Oct. 10/11, 2004

(10/10LOG aol CLASSROOM)

Oct. 17/18, 2004 Split Chain Stitch Demo by Bina Madden

(10/17 LOG aol CLASSROOM)

Oct. 17/18, 2004 A Spiral Tatted Heart by Ruth Perry

Oct. 24/25, 2004 The Tied Double Stitch by Bev Dillon Tips on preparing tatting patterns and self-publishing by Dianna Stevens. Read, Write and Diagram Tatting Patterns.

(10/24log aol CLASSROOM)

Oct. 31/Nov. 01, 2004 Gina Butler's Red Hat Pattern!!

(10/31log aol CLASSROOM) Jane Eborall's History of Tatting Notation (wide screen version)
Jane Eborall's notes as pdf 13 pages and growing.
Nov. 7/8, 2004 The study of the picot in tatting begins. A ten point medallion from antique Barbours booklet. Diagrams for the 10 pt medallion An ornament using split chain technique by Rosemarie Peel.
(1107log aol CLASSROOM)

Nov. 14/15, 2004

Gina Brummet's Tatted False Plaits -

11-14-02 log aol classroom

Nov. 21/22, 2004

This week the Public Domain Archive Project begins. Sheron Goldin will coordinate this ongoing project to convert antique tatting pattern booklets which are now in the public domain (documents published 1929 or earlier) to pdf format files. These files will be posted to a public access archive which is retrievable by all at no charge. Many thanks to Sheron for volunteering.

Sheron Goldin's guide to creating PDF format documents This is the html version, however, it may not show the graphics to everyone. Another version is also posted.

The PDF version of Sheron's Goldin's guide.

11-21-04 log aol classroom

Nov.29, 2004

Eva Shock's butterfly with needle lace
Sorry no log available.
Dec.5/6, 2004

Maus' Beaded Pearl-tatted Chain
12-05 log aol classroom

12-06 log international classroom

Dec. 12/13, 2004

Ruth Perry's Candy Cane,
12-11 aol class log

Dec. 19/20, 2004

At last Mark Myers'Inverted Tatting.
12-19 aol class log

Our continuing topic will be picots.

Holiday break Dec. 21 - Jan 8, 2005
Jan. 9/10 Mimi Dillman Antique Cluny Pattern
Jan. 16/17, 23/24, 30/31, 2005 The Multifaceted Picot featuring lessons excerpted from Judi Banashek's "Advanced Tatting". Many thanks to Judi for sharing with the online tatting class.

If you have a question, topic to suggest for study, pattern or technique to share with the class, please send details. Mentors and guest hosts are needed for the classroom also. All are welcome to volunteer.

Happy Tatting! Georgia Seitz