How to Make a Clones Knot

Step 1: Chain required number of chains

Step 2: Make first yarn over in a regular manner

Step 3: Keeping chain parallel to hook, swing hook towards you and under the chain.

Simply grab the thread and again swing the hook under the chain and towards you, then back up into starting position. (This is now considered 1 wrap. In other words, 2 yarn overs equal 1 wrap)

Step 4: Complete the number of required wraps (in this pattern, it is 7 wraps which are equal to 14 loops on hook, plus the beginning loop…..15 loops in all).

Step 5: Insert hook in front loop and in left side vertical bar of the single crochet previously made.

Step 6: Yarn over and pull through all the loops on the hook.

Step 7: Make 1 chain and pull tightly

Step 8: Make a slip stitch around entire base of clones knot . Clones Knot compete!

Step 9: Work 1 sc in the single crochet located left of the knot