Mindy Al-Aaraji
How to make a clones knot

A clones knot can begin worked off either a chain or a single crochet. In this pattern, a clones knot is worked off a single crochet. After having worked the single crochet, ch 5. Next, grab the thread in the usual "yarn over" manner. Keep the 2 loops on the hook in place with your index finger. Now, holding your work and keeping the chain parallel to the hook, swing the hook above the chain, towards you and then under the chain moving away from you and up towards the thread.

This time when you grab the thread, do not make the usual yarn over, instead simply grab it. Then reverse your movement traveling down and towards you back to the starting position. These 2 steps are 2 wraps and counted as a pair. Repeat until you have 7 pairs and one loop (starting loop). In other words, you will make 14 wraps.

After completing the required amount of wraps, insert your hook into the sc, yarn over and pull though all loops on hook. Ch 1 and pull tightly. Hold the knot tightly while you make a slst around the entire base of the knot (or in the same single crochet).Clones knot completed. Let me know if you have any questions :o).