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Georgia Seitz
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Mindy Al-Aaraji's Clover Motif 2003

This motif has an Irish crochet four leaf clover center. It is crocheted with #60 thread and a size 14 steel hook. This motif is worked in 3 rounds, the first being the crocheted center, then the round of small clovers (in blue), followed by a round of larger clovers (in red).

All the tatted clovers are Directional Rings, as well as the small ring between the larger clovers (in the red section). The remaining rings, throughout the pattern, are split rings with the exception of the rings at the beginning of the round marked as A. These are worked with shuttle 1. All rounds are ended with a join to the beginning ring, between stitches.

Tatting Stitches

Ctm = continuous thread method
R = ring
ch = chain
j = join
dk = double knot
dr = directional ring
S1 = shuttle 1
S2 = shuttle 2
Sr or / = split ring
tw = turn work
cl.r = close ring
p = picot
lhk = larks head knot

Crochet Stitches
slst = slip st
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
hdc = half double crochet
ch = chain
CK = clones knot (directions)

Four Leaf clover

Crochet Center

Round 1: With #60 thread and 0.60 hook, wrap thread around bottom of hook 10 times. Gently remove the ring of the end of your hook. Place the hook inside the ring, yarn over, and slowly pull the thread through the ring. Ch 1. Work 12 sc over ring. Slst in first sc made at beginning of round. Clip loose end close to ring.

Round 2: Ch 1, work 1 sc in same st and in next sc. *Ch 5, CK, 1 sc in next sc. Ch 8. Do not turn. Make a slst in the 1st sc made at beginning of round. In chain loop, work 2 sc, 2 hdc, 7 dc, 2 hdc, 2 sc. Slst to sc made prior to ch 8*. One petal completed.

Work 1 sc in each of next 2 sc, repeat from* to* until 3 more petals are completed. Slst to first sc made at beginning of round.

Round 3: Work *(1 slst, ch 1)* in first sc made in ch 8 loop. Repeat from * to* 13 times, ending with 1 slst in last sc worked in ch 8 loop. Continue around. Fasten off and hide end.

Tatted Motif

With #20 thread, wind shuttle using the continuous thread method.

First Round:
RA: S1 - 12 dk, cl.r.

RB: S1- 4 dk, j to middle of first clover petal (at 12 o'clock position), 4 dk / 4lhk, drC (8-4-4), cl.r.
drD (4 dk, j to last p of drC, 6-6-4), cl.r.
drE (4, j to last p of drD, 4-8), cl.r.
4 lhk, cl.r.
RF: 6/6.
RG: 8/4, drH (8, j to p of drE, 4-4), cl.r.
drI (4, j to last p of drH, 6-6-4), cl.r.
drJ (4, j last p of drI, 4-8), cl.r.
4 lhk, cl.r.
RK: 6/6
Repeat from rings B-K around. Join last ring to first ring between dks 6 and 7. Fasten off. Hide ends.

Second Round
Ring A: Using S1, 4-8-4.
Ring B: S1 5-5/5 (drC (5, j first picot in RA, 5-5-5) cl.r.
drD (5, j to last p of drC, 6, j to motif between clovers (H and E), 6-5) cl.r.
drE (5, j to last p of drD, 5-5-5) cl.r.
5 lhk, cl.r.
Ring F: 4-4/4 j to last p of drE, 4 lhk, cl.r.
Ring G: 5-5/5 (drH 4dk, j to free p of drE, 3 dk, j to p of middle clover (D), 3-4, cl.r,
4 lhk, cl.r.
Ring I: 4 - 4/ 4- 4.
Repeat from rings B-I around. Join last ring to first ring between dks 4 and 5. Fasten off. Hide ends.

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