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Mixed Media Heart

There is an old saying that needleworkers should not mix their media. The online tatting class, however, over the past four years has learned that mixing media in lacemaking is just another creative alternative.

Karen Beary says that this heart was rescued! Her mother bought the white tatted and crocheted heart at a flea market in Florida while vacationing there during the winter of 2002. She told her that there weren't stacks of them for sale (as would be expected from a mass produced item). She said she rummaged through a box of crocheted lace doilies until she found them. Karen asked if a pattern could be written for the heart and with the help of Carolyn Groves, here it is!

The tatted heart with two rounds of crochet.

Greatly reduced scans:
Full scan
upper quarter
lower quarter
The center:

The diagrams:

R 3 + 3 - 3 + 3 clr ring RW
CH of 15 picots (not shown on diagram) and repeat for a set of 5 rings/chains

Crochet Round 1:

Join thread in top of heart (at cleavage). Chain around joining to picots from previous round. (I worked 5 chain then a join)around the top of the heart then chain of 7 across the wider area. At end join at top.

The red line indicates where the crochet attaches to the 15 picots of the chain of the center.

After the crochet is completed two additional segments of tatting are added to the heart center.

This is a mirror image segment on both sides which attaches to the previously crocheted segment.

Crochet Round 2:

Slip stitch to 3rd chain. Chain 2, half double crochet in same chain, *chain 1, skip 1 chain, half double crochet in next chain. Repeat from * around. Join to first half double crochet.

After the last crochet round, a clover repeat is attached to that segment with a single small ring place at center top to creat the cleavage of the heart.

Many thanks to Karen, her mom and Cqrolyn for their help.
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