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Bruges Crochet & Tatting

From time to time a question comes to me that leads to some interesting discoveries. While researching a lace technique known as "Bruges Crochet" I sent out a call for information and Jane Moody responded with this note:

"There was an inquiry about Bruges Crochet in one of your recent notices. This is a fairly simple technique, but one that receives little attention in this country. The French publication Magic Crochet features Bruges Crochet from time to time. Back in the 1980's the Japanese publisher Ondori came out with a number of lovely crochet books in paperback, one of which, "Romantic Lace Designs", gives a good explanation. (Other Ondori books probably do, too, but I quit looking when I found an explanation). The Nov/Dec. 1985 issue of Needlecraft for Today published my own pattern for Bruges Crochet Christmas ornaments."

Jane Moody
Jane's biography.

Jane went on to develope three patterns which combine Bruges crochet with tatting for the online tatting class. And Jeanne Zukowski has made some step by step aids for us to try this out. Many thanks to them both for sharing with the class.

Samples of regular Bruges Crochet:
Antique example 1.
Antique example 2.
A modern example in ANNA.This is a wonderful needlework magazine. Subscription info.
Patterns by Jane Moody
Step by Step Guide by Jeanne Zukowski

I have found this type of lace spelled as Bruge, Bruges, and Brugges Crochet and will use Bruges in class. Any questions? You are welcome to email me.AKTATTER@aol.com
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