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Riet's Snowflakes

Many thanks to Riet for preparing this snowflake pattern for the online tatting class.

Riet developed these snowflakes when studying the single shuttle split ring (See notes.)However, experimenting with the sssr shows that it may be more for decorative purposes than construction. Viewing the piece in progress below, you almost immediately realize that the self-closing mock ring would create the same effect but with much greater ease of working.

Nothing daunted, Riet continued to work on snowflakes creating a series of six. The first three patterns are shared today.

Snowflake 1
Snowflake 3
Snowflake 5
All three flakes begin with a center plastic bead with six points. Join through the center of the bead and begin to chain.

Riet also advises us that we can use any simple six point center as a starting point.

Riet invites comments to help her improve her pattern and diagrams and translation. Email: Riet Surtel Smeulders
Any questions? You are welcome to email me.
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