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Mark Myers and the Blue Pearl Challenge

Mark Myers writes: "And what a challenge! It took me three times before I got comfortable with that small "blue" SR that is to encapsulate the two threads, and then I still had trouble. Not sure what the progress of the other two tatters have, but it took me all evening to get this down. I kept going as I tried different ideas. My first try you can see on the left hand where I started I used SC to do that one complicate ring that encapsolates the threads. Worked but was too messy looking. Then I tried the small "blue" ring I encapsolated both threads all the way around the SR to the other side.

Then, finally the third try I think I got it. I hid one thread on either side of the SR so it wasn't so bulky looking. I did this sample out of size 80 tatting cotton. I should have tried a bigger thread for something this challenging. My thread kept breaking on me as I was trying to close the "blue" SR. Of course I added to the challenge of using 4 different colors(burgandy, pink, light pink and white) and added picots.

I could get even crazier adding double picots or beads . It is a really attractive edging/bookmark, but a bit fiddly and something you don't want try when you need to concentrate on something else. I tried to watch tv while doing this, but you have to make sure you don't get the 4 shuttles tangled up and keep them in line, so you are constantly concentrating on that."

After puzzling a little more and some more experimentation, Mark wrote again: "Here is a bit on how I did it. Bring one thread of last SR (of the 3 SR arc) over to the base of the large SR. Tat a ds, pull up some slack of the thread brought over and pass shuttle thru the slacked loop. Tat another ds over the slacked thread and pass shuttle thru back in other direct to counteract positioning. Tat two more ds doing the same passing thru and tatting over the slacked thread of the SR(of the 3 SR arc).

Note: The encapsulated thread actually weaves in and out rather than going along with the core thread. I could not see any other way of nicely getting that thread to follow the core thread of the Blue SR. Take second thread of SR and holding the two shuttles together(one from SR and one of the Blue ring SR) in one hand tat the required ds. This encapsulates nicely.

Now pick up shuttle for second half of Blue SR. Take the first thread that got encapsulated and is in position to follow round this direction and wrap in a counterclockwise direction around left hand that is holding the Blue SR core thread and wrap around a finger to anchor. Let it dangle as you make unflipped ds(or normally done for second half of SR) ds over both threads. Encapsulates nicely.

Drop encapsulated thread when it reaches the point of where it is to begin with the next 3 SR arc. Take other encapsulated thread and wrap around clockwise(like normal around hand) and pass under second Blue SR shuttle thread and pinch with thumb to anchor. DS (unflipped) over both threads to finish second half of Blue SR.

Here comes the tricky part LOL!!!! To close ring, simultaneously pull thread that just got encapsulated and also Blue SR core thread. I had to pull each thread a little each time until it nicely closed the Blue SR. When working with the DMC size 80 thread, this is where my thread kept breaking. It is a bit tight. So I think working with bigger smoother thread might slide nicer.

Note: the only part of the Blue SR that doesn't look nice is the first part of the first half of the SR where the first thread get encapped and has to weave in and out rather than going with the core thread like the other three passes do. If done in the same thread it may not look too bad. But my threads were contrasting and you can see the woven thread.

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