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Sheron Goldin and The Blue Pearl Challenge

Sheron wrote: "I needed to use a double shuttle, could have used a triple shuttle if I had had such an animal. Wound red thread CTM on double shuttle bobbins, blue thread CTM on separate shuttles. I made the blue rings in more of a straight line.

Do not reverse work. Close at end of each ring.
With red:
R1: 4 - 12
R2: 10 / 6
R3: 8 / 8
R4: 10 / 6

With Blue:
R5: 20 + (join to picot on R1)20

R6: 4 (start working with both red threads on double shuttle and blue working thread as a working thread unit) 4 / 4 (bring red threads around rest of ring and hold in pinch. You will work over the ring thread plus two red threads as the core thread, the red thread will go from the end of the flipped stitches continuing clockwise to end where you are now working) 4.

R7: 20 / 20

With Red:
R8: 6 / 10
R9: 8 / 8
R10: 6 / 10

Repeat from R6 for desired length.

Sheron Goldin Any questions? You are welcome to email me.
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