Ribbonwinners Tatting Patterns & Shuttles by
Georgia Seitz
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Anchorage Alaska 99515-2905 USA

Terry McGuffin's
"Peek-a-boo Butterfly Ornament "

Size 12 Perle or other 45-60 thread.
Clear plastic ornament that comes in 2 halves or tear drop ornament.

Some Abbrev.
^ = Very small picot. Just big enough to insert a small crochet hook
LPPR = Join to Last Picot of Prev. Ring
LPPCh = Join to Last Picot of Prev. Chain
CR = center ring vst = Very short thread
SS = Switch shuttles
[ ] (brackets) = Work ring in brackets with other shuttle

Work single or stacked butterfly. Thread filament thru a needle, run up from bottom into center, add a crystal bead or other bead, whip stitch twice thru base of head, up thru head. With split ornament, stretch butterfly mounted filament across from top to bottom and use dot of epoxy type adhesive to secure filament. For tear drop glass ornament, knot end of filament, heat to almost melting, run threaded filament thru base of butterfly, add bead, whip stitch at base of head, thru head and glue suspended into center or ornament top.

1 or 2 color with or without beads, color 1, dk., color 2, light
Row 1, 1 shuttle, color 1 R 1-3-3-3-3-3-2. Cut & tie.

Note* (If using all one color and no beads start with 2 shuttles and change center to R3-3-3-3-3-3. Exit center with false picot.)

Row 2, 2 shuttle (or ball & shuttle) , continuous wind, color 2 Bead join to any p in row 1, ch 3-3-3+ (bead join to next p) around. Join at end.

Row 3  1 shuttle, color 1
R5+ (to any p of row 2) 5. Leave extremely short thread (abt. 1/32")
R3  3/4 close so thread exits out far side, leaving a decorative knot, leave vst (very short thread)
R3  3/4 close, leave vst
R5+ (to next p in Row 2) 5. Leave vst continue in pattern around. Join thread into 1st ring, cut, hiding end.

Row 4 2 shuttles, color 2, continuous thread.
R 5+ (to thread between small partially closed rings) 5.
Ch 8-4 SS
R4+ (LPPCh)4-4-4.
R4+ (LPPR) 5-5-4.
R4+ (LPPR) 4-4-4. SS
Ch 4+ (LPPR) 8 RW
R5+ (betw. Small R)5. RW
Ch 8-4
R4+ (LPPCh) 4+ (bead join to center p of last ring of prev. clover) 4-4.
Continue pattern joining 3 clovers together, continuing in pattern do not join 4th clover so you will have 4 groups of 3 clovers.

If you want to add beads, load them on shuttle 2 now. The 4 arms are worked separately then joined in the next row.If 2 color, shuttle 1 is color 1.  If 1 color load 2 shuttles, continuous wind

#1CR 9^8^4^4^8^9. Ch 6-4+ (to last p of CR) If adding more beads, slide up 1 bead and use as center p) [R3-3-3-3.] 5+ (to next p in CR) [R3+ (to last p of prev. sm. Ring)3-3-3.] 5+ (to center p of CR) RW
#2CR 16^16. Ch 3-3-3 [R3-3-3-3.] 3-3-3-3+ (to p in CR) RW
#3CR 14^14. Ch 3+ (LPPCh) 3-2 [R3-3-3-3.] 2-3-3+ (to p in CR) RW
#4CR 12^12. Ch 3+ (LPPCh) 3-2-2-3-3+ (to p in CR) RW

#5CR (skip this ring and only make 6 rings if you are using Finca #12) 12^12. Ch 3+ (LPPCh) 3-2-2-3-3+ (to p in CR) RW
#6CR 10^10. Ch 2+ (LPPCh) 2-2-2-2-2+ (to p in CR) RW
#7CR 8^8. Ch 2+ (LPPCh) 4-5+ (to p in CR) [R3-3-3-3.] 5-4-2+ (to base of CR#7)

Ch 2+ (LPPCh) 2-2-2-2-2+ (to base or CR#6)
Ch 3+ (LPPCh) 3-2-2-3-3+ (to base of CR#5)
Ch 3+ (LPPCh) 3-2-2-3-3+ (to base of CR#4)
Ch 3+ (LPPCh) 3-2 [R3-3-3-3.] 2-3-3+ (to base of CR#3)
Ch 3+ (LPPCh) 3-2 [R3-3-3-3.] 2-2-3+ (to base of CR#2)
Ch 5+ (to next p of CR#1) [R3-3-3-3.] 5+ (to next p of CR#1) [R3+ (go last p of prev. sm. R) 3-3-3.] 4-6+ (join to base of CR#1) work in ends. Make 3 more.

Joining Row Color 2, 2 shuttles  working between un-joined clovers
R 3+ ( to last p of last small ring on left side of "arm") 3+ (to p in chain) 3-3. RW
Ch 3-3-3+ (w/ or w/o bead to center p of center of clover) 3-3+ (w/or w/o bead to center p of 3rd ring of clover) 3-3-3+ (to base of CR#1) 3-3-3+ (bead? to center p of 1st ring in next clover) 3-3+ (to center p of center ring of same clover) 3-3-3 RW (Working in one end)
R 3-3+ (to p in chain on far side of CR#1) 3+ (to 3rd p of small ring) 3. C&T. Work other 3 "arms."

Top: For split plastic ornament. (For other tear drop shaped ornament, design your own top to accommodate only 4 lacings.)
*Ch 4-4 
R4+ (LPPR) 4-4-4. Continue around until 4 rings and chains are formed. Join last chain into first ring, leave 14" thread for lacing. Slip knot into center p of first chain. Lace from center p of chain to each "arm" end. Two arms should cover the side seams.

Many thanks to Terry McGuffin for sharing this lovely ornament pattern with the online tatting class.

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