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Aline Hixon Cuthbert's Antique Collar
Recreated by Erin Holloway

Erin Holloway noticed this antique collar on auction at EBAY. It was tatted or belonged to Aline Hixon Cuthbert (no other info known.) Erin recreated this collar using #12 pearl cotton. It took about a month to tat working in little spurts. Full version of collar

The original photos of the antique collar:
Full collar
Closeup section

For those who have Priscilla #3, this collar appears to be an adaptation of a centerpiece found in the first few pages of the book. (Speaking of Priscilla #3, I recently got out mine to copy for someone and I appear to have lost it. Maybe I left it at the copy place... But now I am without #3. I do have the House of White Birches Reprint but I need to have a copy of the original #3. Can anyone help? AKTATTER

First Round

Full size Diagram

Wind two shuttles CTM with small amount of thread on second shuttle to climb out into the next round from center (or leave a short length of thread). Begin at IR (inner ring) with ring of 3 [ ( - 3 ) x 10 ] - 3. The 12th picot is created as a mock picot, climbing out to next round with a Split Ring of 3 / 3. Close and do not reverse work. Leave about " space before starting next ring.

Next, tat a large ring of R 3 - 2 [ ( - 2 ) x 5 ] - 3 clr rw. *Leave about " space.

Tat a small ring joining to the next IR picot of, 3 + 3. clr rw. R 3 + (join to last picot of large ring) 2 [ ( - 2 ) x 5 ] - 3. Close and reverse work. Leave about " space.

Continue alternating small rings and large rings. Repeat around from *. Be sure to connect the last large ring to the first large ring. Cut and tie.

Second Round

Using one shuttle, tat small ring (SR) 3 + 3 (join to 3rd picot of large ring in previous round.) Close and reverse work. Leave about 1/3" space.

Large Ring (LR) 3 + 2 [ ( - 2 ) x 3 ] - 3

SR 3 + 3 (join to 5th picot of large ring in previous round.) Close and reverse work.

Continue alternating small and large rings with two small rings joined to each large ring in the previous round.

Join last large ring to first. Cut and tie.

Full size Detail
Outer Round

Using shuttle and ball thread leave five rings of the motif free in this round. Start ball and chain pattern with sixth ring.

R 2 [ ( - 2 ) x 2 ] + 2 [ ( - 2 ) x 2 ] (join is made to center picot of large ring of previous round.)
CH 3 [ ( - 2 ) x 8 ] - 3

Work around motif (remember to leave those 5 rings free).

Work seven of these motifs joining the outer rounds together at the first three chains (see photograph or illustration).

Now you're ready to begin the second tier.

Begin the inner parts of the motifs as above, but join the 1st and 3rd large ring of the second round to the fifth and sixth chains on the last round of the first tier of motifs (see photograph or illustration).

Work subsequent rounds as for first motifs following illustration. There are six second tier motifs.

Following the photograph, work a ball and chain pattern around the bottom of the collar.
The rings are 3+3 and the chains are 3 [ ( - 3 ) x 3 ].

Fill in the gaps between the first and second tiers with rings of 2+ - 3 + 3 - 3 +1 (see illustration these are notated as FC.)

Trim the entire collar with a row of split ring clovers. The rings in the clovers are 5 - 4 - 3 - 3 - 4 - 5.

Finish the neck edge of the collar with a continuous chain of 3-3-3-3 joining to the second and fourth picots of the split ring clovers. Block and enjoy!

Many thanks to Erin Holloway for sharing her work with the online tatting class.Any questions? You are welcome to email me. AKTATTER@aol.com
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