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Mary's Itty Bitty Easter Basket

Baskets: Not just for Easter by Mary Maynard

Shuttle & ball wound CTM

NOTE: All the picots in the rings for this design should be made just long enough for joining. The picots on the chains can be any desired length or number. All chains should be snugged up firmly before RW. In addition, the long chains can be made longer by adding extra ds, but be sure to add the same number to EACH side or you will get a lop-sided basket like one of my doodles. : -)

R: 5 - 3 - 6 RW
CH: 3 ( - 3) X 5 RW
R: 7 + (to last p of last R) 3 - 7 RW
* CH: 3 + (to last p of last CH) 3 ( - 3) X 4 RW
Repeat from * twice
R: 6 + (to last p of last R) 3 - 5 RW
CH 6 + (to last p of last R) 15 - 15 + (to first p of first R)6 + (at base of first R) RW
CH 21 + (to only p on last CH) 7 + (to same p as last j)21 + (at base of last R) Tie & cut.

The examples shown with flowers are on actual cards ready for use are the ones I ‘doodled’ into existence. The above directions are the result of several variations of the doodles to create a workable model.

Many thanks to Mary Maynard for sharing this pattern with the online tatting class. Any questions? You are welcome to email me.
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