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Doc's Country Heart Edging
by Dr. Antonio Perez Munoz

CH = chain
SLT = shoelace trick
rw = reverse work
Lock = make 2nd half of ds, but do not flip it
+ = join
- = picot (N.B. - Picots are structural on the hearts, but decorative on the chains.)

NOTE: place space holder on thread before the first half stitch is set.

Inward-facing picot to start;
CH 10 (do not compress) +; lock
(N.B. - For the first heart there is not yet anything to which you can join. On subsequent repeats the join is made to the picot before the last 10 DS of the heart.)

CH 13 - 6 - 2 (compress tightly); lock
CH 2 + 6 - 13 (compress tightly; lock
CH - 10 (do not compress); + (to initial picot); SLT, rw.
(N.B. - For the end of the edging there is no need to make the picot before the 10 DS.)

Variation by Janet Fenton done as ring/chain.

Close up of Doc's edging shows the graduated picots and the joins as well as the RW spots.

Ch 15 - 2 -- 2 ---- 2 -- 2 - 15 (compress tightly); SLT, rw.
(N.B. - Note the graduated decorative picots on the bottom chain. The edging alternates hearts and chains. It ends in a heart.)
Many thanks to Doc for sharing his work with us.
Any questions? You are welcome to email me.
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