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2002 Lesson Lineup

So ends another year of tatting fun in the online tatting class. None of this would be possible without the help of many wonderful tatters around the world. Many thanks to all of you. Now after the holiday break we can look forward to lots of antique patterns, a study of encapsulation and free form tatting starting about mid-January.

Any questions? You are welcome to email me.
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Jan. 13/14 Snowflake's Blizzard

Jan. 20/21 Wally's Angel Multi-tab Bookmark
The link to Sue Hanson's Purple Butterfly has been removed at the request of the designer.
Sabina's Stitch Gauge
Jan. 27/28 Carolyn Groves Butterfly #26 Deaconess 1916
Cher's Butterfly Anklet
Alyson's Choker

Feb. 03/04 Martha Ess's Celtic Heart
Dark Heart#1
Light Heart #2
Introducing a new book by Tina Neudorf

Celtic Design Contest Feb. 03-Mar. 16

Emma Crew's USA Snowflake

Susan Phillipo's Superbowl Sunday Snowflake

Susan Phillip's Bridal Edging offered in celebration of the marriage of Holland's Prince Alexander and Princess Maxima Feb.2, 2002.

Ana Bell's Valentine

Sharon Briggs' Valentine Earrings

Dr. Antonio Perez Munoz's Country Heart Edging Feb. 03/04, 2002

Riet's Single Shuttle Split Ring! Feb. 17/18/a>

Riet's Dragonfly Feb. 17/18

Riet's Snowflakes Feb. 17/18

Edda Guastalla's Butterfly Italiano Feb. 24/25

Gina Butler's Cross 5 for Beginners Feb. 24/25

Inger Kirstensen's Spring Daffodil Feb. 24/25
Tatting Terms Translations
Georgia's Favorite Cloverleaf

Priscilla's Shamrock Mar.03/04

Teresa's Shamrock Mar.03/04

Lynette Hodges Tatted 4-Leaf Clover. This page has only a diagram. Jeanne Zukowski's model is on separate page. Mar.03/04
The pattern has been removed but the models are still available for viewing. If you already printed this copy off please email for info.
Easter Egg by Inger Kirstensen. Mar. 03.04
Nell's Shamrock Points Mar. 10/11
Happy Chick by Inger Kirstensen. Mar. 10/11
Charlene's Twisted Picot Shamrock a l Elgiva Mar. 10/11
Mimi Dillman Easter Egg la Cluny Mar. 10/11
Mary Maynard's Variations on a Tatted Theme Mar. 17/18

Beth Dunlap's Brainerd #65 Edging" Mar. 24/25

Mary's Itty Bitty Easter Basket Mar. 24/25

Mary Maynard's Pastel Basket: Not Just for Easter Mar. 24/25

Dianna Stevens presents "Judging Lace" I hope you can join us for this lesson. Dianna has prepared a valuable resource tool for all of us who exhibit tatting and those who judge tatting. March 31/ April 1

Please remember April 1 is International Tatting Day!

Bridal Lace by Tatting Stork May 5/6

Susan Fuller's Heart's Desire May 5/6

Anna Valeire Book #2 - A Mother's Day treat for the class. These three pages contain the only tatting patterns in this antique booklet. May 12/13

Aline Hixon Cuthbert's Antique Collar Recreated by Erin Holloway May 12/13

Amy Drake's Avians May 18/19 Repeated May 26/27

Lily Morales' Bridal Garter May 18/19 Repeated May 26/27

The link to Sue Hanson's Patriotic Snowflake Beanile Stylehas been removed at the designer's request. May 26/27

Wally Sosa's Variation of Sue Hanson's Patriotic Snowflake Beanile Style May 26/27

Guide to Basic Beading featuring 3 brand news motifs from Saundra Hameed repeat June 9/10 June 2/3

Susan Phillipo's Lilac with Josephine Knots June 9/10
Josephine Knot basics with patterns by Rose Rogers. June 9/10
no photo
Guest host Wally Sosa

Wally's June Flowerfly
no photo
Guest Host Wally Sosa
Wally's Josephine Flowerfly
A Lesson for Newbies! Rebecca's Cotton Candy Necklace. A study of the basic picot by Joy Critchfield. Sept.29/30
A Study of True Rings and Split Rings This page leads you to two further pages; please print all pages And this lesson also includes links to instruction sites which you may find helpful. Oct. 6/7

The "Onion Ring" This study in an technique found in antique patterns contains links to seven additional pattern pages. Models by Hope Green.Oct.13/14

The Blue Pearl Challenge Asymmetrical split rings. There are four additional pages to print; links on the into page. Oct. 20/21

Jeanne Lugert's Rose Brooch and her Rose Earrings Oct. 27/28

Bridal Comb by Sharon Briggs. Beaded tatting, split rings, mock picot, climbing out, and a very tiny split chain (Only 2 DS! You can do this one easy!!) Nov. 3/4
Riet's Angels (follow link to second page, Riet's "Martina" angel.) Nov. 10/11
Terry Mc Guffin's "Trinka Angel" New tatters will be amazed at how simple this angel is to tat (lots of ring and chain repeats.) There will also be a contest (prizes are antique tatting booklets) to fill the angel's skirt. So look at Trinka and imagine what you could tat to fill the opening. Nov. 17/18

Lily Morales' Star of David snowflake, bangle or suncatcher. Nov. 24/25 see below also.

Adaptation of Lily's snowflake, as a beaded ball ornament.Nov. 24/25.

Anna Meloni shares a method of designing tatting. Dec. 1/2

Lily Morales' Starburst/Button/Bangle/Cross using the new technique, the mock split ring!
no photo
Ruth Perry's (aka Rozelle Linden) Butterfly for new tatters.

Terry McGuffin's Peek-a-boo Butterfly Teardrop Ornament Decoration. Dec. 15/16

Anna Valeire's Book 1 Tatting pages only.
Happy Holidays from AKTATTER!

Vidalia, the Sweet Onion Angel Dec. 22/23