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Saundra Hameed's Motif #1

Motif 1
Saundra Hameed (© May 2002)

BB = two (2) beads using the Anna multi-bead technique(see diagram)
2 6mm beads
12 beads any size smaller than 6mm
Number = the number of DS worked in repetition
Model worked in size 12 thread

R 7 - 7 - 7 - 7 - 7 - 7 (do not close ring)

Pull out the shuttle/core thread that lies under the third picot. Place 2 6mm beads on the loop of thread. Pass shuttle through loop. Remove slack while closing ring.

Make a small mock picot.
(CH 3, BB, 3, shuttle join to next picot) 5 times
CH 3, BB, 3, shuttle join to mock picot
Tie, cut and finish ends.

Many thanks to Saundra Hameed for sharing this pattern with the online tatting class.

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